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I'm a long time NG user best known for Uniwar which I made in high school (2000). It was one of the first space shooting games on NG. I held a high rank in the Portal with it for a few months and then again with Uniwar LC (2003).

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I've said for the last four years I've been wanting to get back into Flash (now Adobe Animate), and with the Flash player being phased out in 2020, AS3 SWFs are just not the way to go anymore. I've attempted to learn the HTML5 Canvas scripting in Animate, and I'm just not having any of it.

I know I'm way behind the curve, but after having messed with many of the lessons with Unity, I can really see why it's so popular. I really like that it has physics built in which saves a lot of programming time (that would have had to been done in Flash/Animate). I had initially refused to learn Unity since it didn't have Chrome support when it was newer, but now that a plugin is no longer required and it can export straight to HTML5, this seems like the most viable option. It's great that you can compile multiple formats from standalone PC/Mac executables to Android/iOS apps to even video game console formats.

I've been checking out books from the library and tutorials online so it'll be a while before I attempt anything of size. The initial four tutorials remind me of Tom Fulp's interactive tutorial of Flash which I used 20 years ago which blew my mind open to this kind of creativity. Not many people really used Flash for gaming before Newgrounds Assassin or Pico's school (and that was Flash 3) and Actionscript really evolved when Macromedia (and later Adobe) saw what it could be used for interactively. Unity is meant for gaming from the get-go, so it'll be interesting to see what it can do.


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